Internet overstates the opinion of the majority of people about their intelligence - scientists

Experts from Yale University have found: the majority of Internet users have an exaggerated opinion of your own intelligence level. The opportunity at any time to find information using the search engine creates a false impression of the comprehensive strength of his own mind.

Scientists conducted an experiment. Volunteers poured into two groups. The first group was looking for answers to questions on the Internet, the second was choosing from ready-made answers.

It turned out that Internet access is not always a guarantee of the availability of knowledge. Even after watching two or three links many volunteers could not find the answer to the question. The online system until a bad track false information, sometimes it takes the first search string. Especially a lot of lies on forums and sites, where users can ask questions and others answer.

The Internet is a powerful tool for gaining knowledge. However, the presence of a means of communication and information of the world does not reduce the need to approach the search and processing of information critical.

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