Internet addiction is akin to alcoholism

Internet users, who fell in dependence on the network receive the same changes in the brain, and changes in alcoholics and cocaine addicts.

Researchers from the University of Worcester conducted brain scans of young people with "disorder Internet addiction" and found damage to the white matter connecting fibers that are responsible for emotions, attention, and decision making.

Similar violations were observed in the brains of addicts and alcoholization.

Scientists also noted the effect of "phantom vibration" when patients are constantly seems that the smartphone vibrates and they have a new message.

A dependent is considered to be 1 out of 10 Internet users, these people are so engrossed in the Internet that you forget to eat or drink for a long time.

A psychiatrist from Imperial College in London, Henrietta Bowden Jones said: "the Most common form of Internet addiction - Internet-gamers that spend all day long in games".

However, to distinguish the new disease will be difficult, because many people spend a lot of time on the Internet and the computer due to their professional activities, but not for developing dependence.

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