Intense workout reduces the risk of diseases of the joints

Arthritis occur quite frequently. The disease has no characteristic age, but he's usually experienced by older people. There are chronic and acute arthritis. If the first takes months and years, the second may develop on the background of any predisposing factor (allergies, trauma, infection).

Scientists from the Norwegian University of science and technology conducted a survey. 18 women aged 20-49 years, they proposed to work on the bike in an intensive mode. The results were not long in coming.

After 20 workouts for 10 weeks all volunteers have improved blood supply to the tissues, the degree of oxygen saturation. At the same time decreased the risk of not only cardiovascular disease, and arthritis. It is important to note that none of the subjects of joint disease prior to the study were found. Doctors do not recommend intense exercise in various forms of arthritis.

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