Intense workout CrossFit harm the immune system – scientists

Training at the limit of their capabilities – not the best way to get into great shape. In a recent study by doctors have proved that the regular practice of endurance with a full depletion of the body harmful to health. Such practices undermine the immune system, writes The Daily Mail.

A normal CrossFit workout includes exercises at a fast pace with minimal breaks between sets. The cardiovascular system is heavily loaded and does not have time to relax. Physically fit and trained people can be such burden to carry normally, however, for most CrossFit fit loosely.

The human body, though has a big potential, limited in their capabilities. Workout to the limit can not only cause injuries, they inevitably reduce immunity.

According to the study, after CrossFit-exercise in athletes decreased level of anti-inflammatory cytokines. These compounds are necessary for normal immune function.

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