Intelligence depends on genetics

Scientists from Edinburgh University in Scotland concluded that about half of the human intellect depends on his genetics, but there is no "gene" mind, intellect respond combination of several genes.

The researchers found that about half of the differences in intellectual development is explained through genetics. Before that, it was recognized that in families with a good level of intelligence grow smart kids, but the level of genetics in their development until the end was not revealed. The researchers analyzed the genome 3511 adults, comparing 550 thousand nucleotide polymorphisms.

Participants were also divided into two groups after a series of tests on solving problems through experience and reasoning, which group was determined person, 50 percent depended on its genome. Thus, the difference in the genome affects the intellect in equal measure as the difference in education and the environment - in General, a good genetic data with insufficient education may disappear, and in turn bad genetics corrected by constant practice with children.

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The question of the role of education and other factors on children's development remains open.

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