Insurance service of South Korea launched the lawsuit against the tobacco companies for 52 million dollars

Acionalna service health insurance of South Korea seriously manufacturers of cigarettes and filed a lawsuit against three tobacco companies. Lawyers require manufacturers of cigarettes almost 52 million dollars for compensation of expenses on treatment of pathologies associated with Smoking, writes Reuteres.

To answer the court shall call upon three major tobacco companies: Philip Morris, British American Tobacco (BAT), KT&g insurance services believes that it has the right to such claims, as the tobacco companies did affect the health of the citizens of the country.

The amount of 52 million dollars was calculated on the basis of the cost of treatment of cancer patients, the cause of which was the constant Smoking. Experts note that the total amount of money required for the treatment of diseases of smokers much more - $ 1.6 billion.

Note the first lawsuit against a tobacco company KT&G national insurance services have already lost. The lawyers of the company-manufacturer of tobacco did not leave a chance for monetary compensation.

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