Instantly sobering tools successfully tested on mice

Scientists from the USA have developed a kind of "cocktail" of enzymes, which over a short time can reduce the amount of alcohol in the blood. At this stage, scientists are testing the mixture on mice, and the first test results are more than encouraging.

Contributors are Professor of biomolecular engineering at the University of California in Los Angeles Feng Lu and Professor of molecular biology University of southern California, Cheng LM. They conducted experiments on mice, introducing them nanocapsules with the contents of the two enzymes.

One of the enzymes oxidase, in the decay emits hydrogen peroxide, which is a threat to the body. That is why it must be combined with another substance that will reduce the harmful effects.

The experiments are intoxicated mice found that rodents who received a dose of this type of alcohol treatment, Trisuli faster than their counterparts who were not exposed to such influence.

Professor Lu said that while testing this tool on the people to speak still early. But he noted that such development can become the basis for new drugs that will act as an alcohol antidote.

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