Instant noodles - the cause of diabetes and heart disease

Experts from Belorusskogo University have found that regular consumption of instant noodles leads to the development of metabolic syndrome. It is expressed in diseases of the heart, blood vessels, diabetes. The most popular instant noodles in Asia, writes Science World Report.

Doctors in Young Korea are increasingly diagnosed with diabetes and angina among their patients. These diseases are the highlights of obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. The presence of diabetes significantly reduces the life expectancy of a person and leads to premature death from metabolic and vascular disorders.

Interestingly, the risk among women twice. This is probably due to weak digestive system and the inability to digest potentially dangerous products. Doctors do not advise to consume noodles more than two times per week.

This product has two factors of danger. First - hot spices and caloric content of the noodles. People who regularly eat instant noodles, can easily earn gastritis due to the severity and diabetes because of the overabundance of fast carbs. The second factor is plastic, in which the noodles brewed. When interacting plastic and boiling water allocated dangerous compounds that harm the human body.

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