Installation and removal of braces

Braces are devices made in the form of snaps, which are attached to the teeth and are connected by means of a special power of the arc.

Unfortunately, nature is not all rewards beautiful smile, for the correction of the bite and the braces were invented.

Bracket as a separate component of the orthodontic structure may not "alone" to correct the bite, treatment should be comprehensive in symbiosis with metal ligatures and arch. This design is called the briquette systems, it is considered an effective treatment deformation dentitions.

Before install the braces in the mouth, it should take some preliminary steps. Is a photo of a face in profile and face, prepared a plaster model of the jaw, which also photographed panoramic way. After that, an orthodontist deals with accurate diagnosis of the disease and develops a treatment plan, and determine the period of its holding. In addition, engineers conduct a complete reorganization of the oral cavity: sealed teeth and treated zone, in addition, it is a complete hygienic cleaning.

The installation procedure of braces is quite simple and completely painless. Each "lock" is applied to each tooth using a special glue, then locks are interconnected arcs that keep ligatures. 6 and 7 consecutive teeth is usually applied to the buccal locks and orthodontic rings. Some braces are equipped with metal hook, which in the course of treatment will be attached elastic traction.

Install the bracket is held, usually in one session.

It is very important to find a highly qualified specialist who will be able to do their job, so you should always interested in what the experience of professional activity of the doctor "behind", also not be amiss to ask him to show you proof of his skill in bite correction.

The procedure of removing the braces should conducts expert, which they were established, despite the fact that technically it's also pretty simple. The essence of the braces is the following: orthodontist, with some effort, just their lifts. If braces are "stuck" to the enamel too much, it cut through the drill. Ceramic braces are pre-split forceps.

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