Insomnia leads to obesity after 21 years

Adolescents who have problems with sleep have an increased risk of obesity already to 21 years. Especially dangerous insomnia. Data were established by scientists from Columbia University and the University of North Carolina (United States). Staff conducted a survey of 10 thousand teenagers from America. Their ages ranged from 16 to 21 years.

It turned out, restful sleep reduces the risk of obesity. Enough to sleep 8 hours a day to protect yourself and your child from an early extra pounds. Reduced time to sleep up to 6 hours already threatens fat to 21 years.

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Scientists suggest that lack of sleep teenagers trying to compensate for a hearty meal. Doctors warn: it is better to give the child 8-9 hours of sleep and to give him some sleep and wakefulness. Then problems with weight can be avoided.

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