Insomnia leads to heart disease and depression

Poor quality sleep leads to serious pathology of the cardiovascular system, increases the risk of developing hypertension, reduces memory provokes depression, according to The Delhi Daily News. The survey showed that half of the men in adulthood and one in five women over age 50 have the disease sleep apnea. This disorder is characterized by a temporary cessation of breathing during sleep, significantly reduces its quality as a result of deficit of oxygen.

During the phase of deep sleep, people with apnea experiencing some discomfort. His airway collapse that causes you to stop breathing. During this process, the person wakes up for a short period of time. Further, the breathing is restored. During the night it is possible to 40 attacks.

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Chronic apnea is caused by lack of oxygen. Resulting in additional stress on the heart, fatigue, depression, hypertension. Typically, the pathology can win, if you lose weight. Also there are special masks that prevent collapse of the airway.

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