Insomnia leads to back pain - the scientists

Experts from the University of Haifa found that in adults with regular insomnia back pain occur in 1.5 times more often than usual. According to statistics, the pain is accompanied by 60-80% of people with insomnia. Note, 90% of the cause of the disease cannot be set. Information provided by Zee News.

Scientists, in addition to insomnia and pain, take into account the social status of volunteers, their way of life, the presence or absence of bad habits, chronic diseases. Had found a link: insomnia increases the risk of pain. There is an assumption that lack of sleep reduces pain threshold, resulting in pain is felt more acutely.

Another explanation of the phenomenon of the stress that builds up if the person is constantly nedosypaet. Fatigue, headaches, excessive muscle tension negatively affect the entire body, including the musculoskeletal system. It is possible that there are other factors, but to reveal them yet.

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