Insomnia is the cause of early strokes

Usually a stroke develops in older people and people with high hypertension. Experts from the Medical center named Chi Mei Taiwan found that the risk of this disease increases significantly, if a person is having sleep problems. In addition, insomnia leads to early strokes up to 40 years.

The data was established by the scientists during research involving 21.4 thousand people with sleep disorders and 64,3% in the control group. Was able to establish that people with insomnia the risk of stroke was higher at 54%.

Permanent or long-term insomnia impairs the functioning of all organs and systems, increases blood pressure. The most strong link between insomnia and stroke established scientists among persons 18-35 years.

The study draws attention to the problems associated with sleep disorders in young people. Earlier this pathology was not seen such detail. As it turned out, in vain.

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Scientists believe that continued research in the field of pathology of sleep you need. In particular refers to a more global studies with a larger number of volunteers.

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