Insomnia increases the risk of relapse to alcohol dependence

Insomnia is common in people in the early stages of treatment of alcohol dependence. Sleep problems occur in dependent five times more often than other people. Insomnia can accompany a former alcoholic from a couple of months to several years, reports Zee News.

Scientists from the University of San Francisco proved that insomnia is a risk factor for return to alcohol in the treatment of alcohol dependence. That is why the drug should take a comprehensive approach to the treatment of pathology. If the patient is experiencing sleep problems, you need to pay attention to it and to prescribe special medications for insomnia.

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Experts believe that the treatment of insomnia in the treatment of alcohol dependence is an integral part of recovery. Without a healthy sleep you can't talk about the normal healing process. Lack of rest leads to additional accumulation of stress that may trigger a relapse of alcoholism.

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