Insomnia can cause obsessive thoughts about suicide

Insomnia, which is accompanied by nightmares, causes a person's feelings of hopelessness, which, in turn, can lead to suicidal thoughts. To this opinion of American scientists, the results of which will soon be published on the pages of the journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

According to Dr. the American Academy of medicine, Vaughn McCall, nightmares and insomnia often accompany each other, and almost never occur in humans alone. They significantly increase the risk of suicide, and until recently it was not clear how they do it. In the study, scientists were able to establish this similarity, and they explained it by the fact that insomnia and nightmares provoke a person the feeling of hopelessness, which is radically different from the feelings of hopelessness, he encounters sometimes at home or at work.

During the study, which was attended by 50 depressed patients in the age group from 20 to 84 years, were used psychometric tests provide objective evaluation of their status. These patients were treated for depression outpatient, emergency or inpatient. 72 percent of them were women and 56 percent of the participants in the past at least once attempted suicide.

They all suffered from moderate symptoms of insomnia, and despite the fact that hopelessness is associated with thoughts of suicide, scientists have not been able to establish links between nightmares, insomnia and suicide.

Scientists continued research, with the result that they have identified a specific type of hopelessness, which occurs because of insomnia and is a strong catalyst for suicide. The authors hope that their discovery will mean new ways of working for psychiatrists for suicide prevention.

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