Insomnia can be cured by a psychologist

Many people suffer from sleep disorders. This contributes to a number of factors: stress at work, violated the regime of the day, conflicts with loved ones people. With most of these problems can be overcome with the help of a psychologist, writes The Daily Mail.

To treat insomnia need doctors consider. Lack of sleep greatly increases the likelihood of chronic diseases. Be the first to suffer heart and gastrointestinal tract. Night lifestyle changes hormones that affect mood.

In most cases, insomnia is the body's reaction to stress. This proves a study with 40 volunteers. They were all United by the presence of insomnia for three months. Any treatment of the subjects prior to the beginning of the experiment were not received. Every seven days, people described the quality and duration of their sleep.

Some of the volunteers who attended during the treatment of a psychologist, faster return to normal life and feel much better group left without psychological help.

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