Innovative drug based on nanoparticles will help to beat cancer

"Nanobomby" can penetrate directly inside the tumor tissue and to affect cancer cells with high efficiency. Under the laser exposure the drug is released and acts on the tumor. Note that the nanoparticles are very different from traditional chemotherapy mechanism of action.

The compound affects the expression of genes of the tumor. Typically, these drugs are decomposed on the way to his goal. Nanotechnology allow to avoid collapse, which is ten times increases the efficiency of the method. As a result, the tumor cells gradually die, leading to reduction in tumor size or stopping its growth.

Aside from medication, "nanobomby" contain a chemical that evaporates upon contact with laser radiation. Contact causing a microscopic explosion with the destruction of endosomes. So the drug goes only into the cancer cell, while blood on the bed he moves to an inactive state.

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