Innovations rejuvenation

The experiment was carried out by scientists for 3 and a half months. The participants took the drug in different volume, respectively, divided into 3 groups. In the result, we investigated the altered cells of the skin. Pills herbal allowed to reduce wrinkles by 10%, in contrast to those who took placebo. The body itself also changed significantly: started to produce large amounts of collagen protein, which directly depends on the skin condition and the youth in General.

5 years of work, scientists were not in vain: now remove facial wrinkles became possible at home. During these years in laboratory conditions was investigated components of the drug, has compiled the most effective combination. Deep wrinkles also receive a serious blow: they become less pronounced, gradually smoothed. To obtain maximum results takes about 14 weeks.

American scientists also not sitting idle. In laboratory studies it was found that structural changes in appearance, the appearance of deep wrinkles associated with changes in facial bones. Hard tissues become less change their volume. After studying three-dimensional images of the faces of the men and women of different age groups revealed that old age is clearly shrinking bones in the corners. This is especially noticeable on the Central front and near the nose. This confirms the fact that wrinkles are formed not only by reducing muscle tone.

Israeli scientists to combat facial wrinkles with the help of the plasma cells of the patient. Without surgical intervention is carried out contour, and the result is visible after day.

We all know that the skin is an indicator of the internal state of the body and life systems. Because without combat toxins to achieve the best results from rejuvenation long term is impossible. U.S. scientists have created nanohub, which of the circulatory system displays malicious connections. Experimentally proved, that even deadly toxins, not only destroy the body, but taking away the youth and leave the body. Innovative connection for 40 hours pass through the body, collect all the "junk" and with him are displayed in a natural way.

While all these procedures have their heads in the highest sphere, but with time they will become popular, will be in demand, available even in Eastern countries.

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