Innovation: laser shot will not bring pain

Korean scientists from Seoul national University have created a laser "syringe" that will be difficult to do injections. Laser air massage injector, developed under the guidance of Professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering Jack Yekha, will be able to enter precisely aimed jet of drugs with a preset force. The doctor himself will control the dose and the depth of penetration of the liquid preparation.

According to the creators of the laser syringe, the patient will feel only a "breeze". The laser pulse lasts only 250 milliseconds, during this time, he has time to evaporate the working fluid (water). A portion of the medication passes through a mini hole in the device, forms a microscopic jet, and comes under the skin. The jet diameter will not exceed 150 micrometers, and the liquid can be fed at a speed of 30 meters per second. The pressure of the jet can easily overcome the tensile strength of the skin and get to the desired depth, but the medicine itself will not raspishetsya. Korean scientists has tested his invention on a laboratory Guinea pigs.

In the result, it was proved that the penetration depth of drugs comes to 7 millimeters, and the "injection" does not leave the skin with absolutely no mechanical damage. Since the thickness of the jet and the time of drug administration will be significantly reduced, the researchers conclude that the new technology will help to relieve patients from pain during the injection. In addition, in order to get the desired result, doctors will not take so deeply to enter medicine, will be sufficient depth of 500 micrometers. On this layer of the epidermis there is absolutely no nerve endings, and therefore, the pain, the patient is certainly not terrible. Past experiments physicians from Seoul were not as successful, because the researchers used a laser with a stronger wavelength.

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Now the cost of the laser injector is high enough, however, Koreans hope that the mass production of laser syringes", will lower their price.

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