Injections of Botox provoke depression

Scientists from the University of Cardiff in the study came to a rather unexpected result. As it turned out, injections of Botox can increase the person's level of depression. This is because due to the injection of the substances people may not smile as before. It should be noted that recently scientists have shown that Botox helps to reduce depression, as it can no longer frown, and thus, is not able to visually demonstrate the extent of their grief and sadness. But, it turned out that without these external manifestations sad internally is much more difficult. This time scientists from Cardiff on this basis concluded that injections of Botox are catching up too.

In this case, it concerns, first of all, people who were made injections of Botox in the mouth area to hide the wrinkles of laughter. Because of this, the person loses the ability to smile in a few months, which in turn leads to the fact that the brain no longer receives signals that occur during a smile. Namely, these signals make a person more happy.

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According to the head of research, doctor of psychology Michael Lewis mentioned cosmetic procedure makes man more and more sad, because it becomes indirectly responsible for developing depression. By the way, this is the same Dr. Lewis, who had previously shown that injections of Botox in the forehead reduce the level of depression. According to him, the expression of a human face determines the degree of experience emotions in the same way, how emotions affect facial expression. Because of the Botox man cannot acquire the desired expression, which currently defines its internal state. For example, Botox does not allow man to frown, and thereby makes it less sad, and when he makes a person smile, then man becomes sad.

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