Injection of stem cells after stroke leads to rapid recovery from illness

Bolivian scientists from the University of La Paz concluded that the injection of stem cells injected into the blood immediately after a stroke, can restore normal brain activity, reports the BBC.

In the course of the experiment, scientists from Bolivia took some kinds of stem cells from bone marrow and fat, and brought them into the bloodstream of rats that had previously caused artificially stroke.

Despite the fact that the stem cells did not reach affected by the stroke of the areas of the brain in rodents revealed a significant improvement in comparison with their brethren, which is similar to the injections was not made. After two weeks after the stem cell treatment, rats were observed improvement, and behavioral tests showed normal results.

The researchers explained this fact by the timely introduction of cells interrupts occur after a stroke chain reaction, during which the damaged tissue. Scholars argue that this method can also be used on humans.

It should be recalled that under the stroke refers to the blood circulation in the brain, during which manifest neurological symptoms. The number of deaths from stroke is in second place after ischemia among diseases of the circulatory system.

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