Inhaler for children - selection and application

Using inhalation therapy, you can quickly and effectively deliver drug substances in the lower and upper respiratory tract, drugs act directly on the pathological focus, reduce complications from the medication taken orally. Prevention of conduct steam, ultrasonic and compressor inhalers.

The upper respiratory tract can be treated with steam vaporizers in the presence of obsessive cough, sore, and sore throat. With their help perform aromatherapy, adding drugs from medicinal herbs and essential oils.

The warm humid air helps reduce the inflammation of the mucous membrane in the respiratory organs, mild cough, clears the sinuses.

Disadvantages of a steam inhaler: lowest concentration and the destruction of the medicinal product during heating, children are unable to breathe in the water vapor of high temperature.

High-frequency vibration of the piezoceramic plate ultrasonic inhalers when exposed to dissolved drug creates an aerosol stream of particles up to 5 microns, penetrating deep into the bronchi.

Using bronchodilators, antiseptics, steroids, herbal infusions, decoctions of medicinal herbs and alkaline mineral water cure and perform prevention of diseases such as bronchitis and bronchial asthma, rhinitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis, rhinosinusitis, sore throat, ENT diseases and pneumonia.

The devices have a small weight and size, quiet and simple and easy to use. They are equipped with additional masks and accessories that allow to perform inhalation children lying down or sleeping newborn.

Ultrasonic inhalers do not recommend spraying large amounts of essential oils and suspensions of drug solutions with high viscosity: antibiotics and mucolytics.

Compressor inhalers polydisperse aerosol is formed in the nebulizer chamber that contains a therapeutic solution. Electric air compressor delivers powerful stream of air, spray drug solution, penetrating deep into the bronchi.

If you have a small weight and size of the nebulizer presence of noise during operation. Spraying any solutions: oil and rich and viscous.

Any child inhaler you need to choose together with your child, so he was not afraid to use it. Inhalation perform within 6-8 min after 1-1,5 hours after eating, then the child needs to be silent for some time, not to read and not to eat.

For infants not apply hot inhalation only with temperatures up to 30C. The older children - 30-40S. Contraindication to conduct inhalation are:

• high temperature;

• acute pneumonia;

• pulmonary edema;

• purulent processes;

• bleeding from the nose;

• Some diseases of the heart and lungs.

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