Ingrown nails

Ingrown nail is called the nail growing into the cushion of the finger nail plate. In most cases, this applies to the first toe. The penetration of the nail into the soft tissues accompanied by pain, redness and inflammation. In the absence of proper treatment, the disease becomes recurrent.

This pathology may occur due to enhanced growth of nails, flat feet, club foot, wearing uncomfortable shoes, etc. are Also a possible cause of ingrown nail is heredity. It is worth noting that most often this disease occurs due to a wrong pedicure. We are talking about very short cutting of the corners of the nail. In most cases, this condition experienced by young people.

Ingrown nail causes at the site of lesion visible redness and minor pain when pressed. Walking and wearing tight shoes contribute to the increase in pain. In the absence of adequate therapy finger becomes bluish-red, and become loathsome. It is showing a significant increase in size. The affected finger prevents walking. In such cases, wearing normal footwear is not possible. Pain occurs with movement and at rest.

It is worth noting that the ingrown nail is a huge trouble for people with disorders of blood circulation in the legs and the presence of diabetes. This is related to the possible development of gangrene. In addition, the possible occurrence of various complications. It is, for example, purulent inflammation of the finger phalanx.

Typically, the detection of the ingrown nail is not difficult. The main symptoms of is pain, swelling, redness. On the nail shaft sores appear and form sores. In some cases, the inflammation and pus character. These symptoms interfere with walking and cause pain.

In the early stages of the disease, it is recommended to use the free shoes and limit walking. Provides for warm baths with baking soda or potassium permanganate, and the use of antiseptics. You need to forget about short cutting of the affected nail. This is due to the fact that this procedure increases the pain and leads to deforming changes. When infection of the nail fold need to use antibacterial drugs.

The inefficiency of conservative therapy is an indication for surgical intervention. It is the impact on the ingrown nail. On its volume is affected by the stage and complexity of the disease. In normal situations, remove compacted as a result of inflammation of part of the nail fold. This operation reduces the irritation of the soft tissue and signs of inflammation. Some time after this surgical intervention is celebrated the restoration of the nail plate. The appearance of purulent discharge and severe deformity of the nail provide complete its removal. However, this operation is quite often injure the germ area. It is fraught with wrong form of growing nail.

To prevent the operation, you can use a variety of corrective devices. We are talking about special springs, elastic plastic and metal plates, brackets. These devices reduce inflammation and pain.

The most effective method of treatment of ingrown nail is laser correction.

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