Ingestion of parasites treats diseases of the lungs

Parasitic worms infected more than a billion people around the world, they are the cause of many deaths and illnesses each year. The author of the new study, William Gause from new Jersey medical school in Newark, believes that they can be useful in the treatment of lung diseases and wound healing. Worms can stimulate the key elements of the immune system responsible for restoring damaged tissue and reduce inflammation. Live worms can be used under controlled conditions for the treatment of serious lung injury caused by respiratory infections, such as pneumonia. Scientists investigated in mice kind of worms Nippostrongylus brasiliensis, like the parasite that infected each year with 700 million people. Its larvae enter the body through the skin of the soles of the feet and the blood vessels penetrate into the lungs, then go on their way to the intestine, where they actively proliferate and to close the loop, allocating faeces millions of eggs. When this light causes maximum damage.The researchers found that proteins of the immune system called cytokines that help to expel worms from the lungs in mice, also initiates a cascade of healing. This is achieved by mobilizing the various elements of the immune system, including the production of steroids and other proteins are able to repair damaged tissue of the lungs.Worms could be more effective than some medications to call the immune response of the body, consider issledovatelskaya helminths or parasitic worms for the treatment of immune disorders is not new. Now conducted a number of studies on the use of parasites to treat autoimmune diseases.

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