Infusion of thyme saves from acne better than any funds

Scientists from the University of Leeds decided to find out what the plant is better herb is best is struggling with a rash on the skin. The interaction of the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes were tested calendula, myrrh, thyme ( in the form of tinctures).

The winner of the little competition was the thyme tincture of this plant is fighting for clean the skin much better than antibacterial creams and anti-acne chemical based. The tincture of this herb has killed more than 100 thousand bacteria per milliliter, it is even more powerful than all known chemical line tools to combat teenage acne.

It is important that this plant extract does not dry the skin and has healing effect on acne and sores. So next summer it is worth thinking about and collecting in store this valuable herb.

The head of research Gomez Escalada now going to move closely to the study of the impact of thyme in real terms, this skin problem acne.

Thyme, which people also call mukhalepam or Bogorodskoe grass is an aromatic plant, which in Russia can be found in North and middle belt . He was formerly used in folk medicine as a cleansing and expectorant and for the treatment of sciatica, but as a means of combating acne is treated for the first time.

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