In 74 regions of the country exceeded the threshold of flu. At particular risk are small children and the elderly. The epidemic was not ready not only citizens, but also drug vendors.

However, experts believe that concerns about the deficit are far-fetched. The press cites an example of a lack of Tamiflu in pharmacies. "Another drug with the same active ingredient found easier. Buy it less, maybe because is not released in the form of the usual tablets, and in powder form for inhalation", - commented Elena Nevolina, head of the Pharmacy Guild. "No cure can occur due to ill-conceived procedures for their procurement. Thus, public pharmacies are obliged to purchase drugs through competition. Imagine that stocks of medicines, as generally happened in the second half of January, selected in a few days. But to supply them, you need to issue tenders, place ads, collect applications, to summarize the contest, and all of this takes time. As a result, the trafficking of drugs not only slows, long-term procurement procedure leads also to higher costs. It would seem, in public pharmacies drugs should be cheaper, but they cost much more expensive," adds she.

Note, in Moscow to experiment with Tamiflu in state pharmacies have started to sell prescription. However, frequent pharmacy chain, of which the vast majority, to restrict the sale of the drug do not plan, because under the program do not fall.

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