Influencing the development of hypertension genes will help in choosing the right remedy for her

Experts from the U.S. Mayo clinic revealed that the genes that influence the development of hypertension, can be successfully used for administration of drugs against high blood pressure for each patient individually. The opinion of scientists based on the results of scientific research, in which took part more than one thousand patients with high blood pressure. Experts have noted, what medications were used by each patient, and then were selected from two previously noted in connection with hypertension genes.

Now there are many medicines against hypertension, but the complexity of its treatment is that the answer to each of these drugs depends on the individual abilities of an organism of a particular person. According to scientists, in this case an important role is played by genes.

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Laboratory studies conducted by academic group, were able to establish the interconnectedness of variants of the gene that is present in the patient, with his response to diuretics and beta-blockers. On this basis, it is possible to make predictions regarding the effectiveness of a drug depending on variations of the gene.

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