Inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) - causes and treatment

Gingivitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the gums.

Gingivitis is a common disease that most often occurs in pregnant women and adolescents. Hormonal changes in the body these categories of patients to determine the severity of the disease.

Causes inflammation of the gums

The reasons for the development of gingivitis can be divided into external and internal.

The external causes are the impact factors:- chemical (corrosive substances);- physical (radiation, trauma, burns);- medical;- biological (all kinds of infections).

Most often, the occurrence of gingivitis contribute to plaque, Tartar, stuck between the teeth of food debris, wrong location fillings, Smoking, and various infections. Most common among children and adults are infectious gingivitis. In children, they occur most often in the absence of proper hygiene. The fact that the local immune protective functions until the age of seven only are formed. By the beginning of puberty, their development was completed, therefore, even in the absence of chronic foci of inflammation, the risk of developing gingivitis in children is much higher.

For internal reasons include:- various malocclusions;- the processes of growth of the teeth (the growing tooth causes injury to the gums);- lack of vitamins;- diseases of the digestive tract (all departments digestion interconnected);- reduced immunity.

Systematic administration of certain drugs, for example, oral contraceptives, may contribute to increased inflammation in the gums. Heavy metals (bismuth, lead) can also provoke the development of gingivitis.

Specialist assistance

Treatment of gingivitis should only be carried out by a dentist. Therapy is a specific effect on inflamed plaques, eliminating General and local predisposing factors. In the most severe cases, possible options surgery (curettage).In addition, often resort to the use of special drugs, not only for surgical treatment of the acute phase of the disease, but also to slow or stop the development of serious complications.

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There are different kinds of drugs: anti-inflammatory agents, antibiotics, immunomodulators local action.If the cause of gingivitis are the processes of infectious-inflammatory nature, it is necessary, first, to focus on the elimination of the pathogen. For this reason, your doctor should prescribe an antifungal agent or an antibacterial agent.

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