Inflammation of appendages - causes, symptoms, treatment

Inflammation of appendages called inflammatory process in the organs surrounding the uterus. This type of inflammation is dangerous by its complications, as it may develop infertility. But this, of course, not the only reason for surgical treatment of inflammation of the appendages is so important, because among other things, this disease is associated with unpleasant pain.

Causes of

The most common cause of inflammation of the appendages is overcooling the pelvis and legs, which usually occurs as a result of sitting on cold surfaces or by soaking feet in cold weather. Also lead to inflammation of the appendages may be infection, including: Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, tuberculosis microbacteria and other

Often the causative agent of the disease can be gonorrhea or chlamydia, which are known to be sexually transmitted. Usually, getting into the vagina, they try as soon as possible, to leave an acidic environment, resulting in their migration to the pipe. What is worse, these microbes have a very serious safety functions, allowing them to effectively resists the body's immune system.

Epididymitis may occur due to an elementary reduction of immunity, but also because of violations of the approach is useful protective substances in the subordinate fabric. Epididymitis can occur in a chronic form. Inflammation may occur as a result of the flu or colds.


To detect inflammation of the appendages can be sharp or dull pain in the lower abdomen. Data pain can increase when the cooling of the body or during sexual intercourse. Pain arising from inflammation of the appendages can be easily confused with pain in appendicitis. When the inflammation may decrease sexual desire and fail menstrual cycle. May cause fatigue and temperature.


Treatment of inflammation of the appendages is assigned exclusively by the doctor-gynecologist. No self-treatment of speech cannot be. Treatment methods depend on the causes of the disease. This treatment process has a very large duration, and terminate it ahead of time in any case impossible. Although this happens quite often: patients, seeing relief from the main symptoms, I believe that the disease is gone and no treatment that subsequently leads to the return of all symptoms and possible complications.

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In General, the treatment of inflammation of the appendages is antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory therapy. In the absence of proper treatment, the disease can still be run, getting a very destructive consequences, but because at the first sign of inflammation of the appendages should consult a specialist.

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