Infertility in men treated for cancer, heal the cellular implants

Men, survivors of childhood cancer therapy and became for this reason, barren, will help to solve their problems stem cells. This could prove as a result of tests on monkeys specialists at the University of Pittsburgh and research Institute, Magee-Womens.

Known property of chemotherapy and radiation therapy for the destruction of the tumor to kill the cells responsible for production of sperm. Scientists have suggested that implantation of producing sperm stem cells, isolated before treatment, fertility can be restored.

To test their hypothesis, the researchers in order to conduct the procedure of extraction cells used macaques. Then froze obtained in animal cells. Then the monkeys were treated by means of chemotherapy. At the end of the cells was infused animals. It turned out 3 of the 5 monkeys puberty and 9 out of 12 adult animals were able to produce sperm, which had the ability to fertilize eggs.

But experts could not find the answers to all the questions. For example, how to choose the best time for implantation: immediately after the treatment we have received from doctors results, confirming a complete cure, either through conscious human desire to create a family.

We do not exclude the possibility of cancer coming back, as the man implantation of the cells, not treated and remains the danger of falling into the material of cancer cells. In addition, produced after the procedure, the sperm may not provide healthy offspring for several generations.

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