Infertile men are more prone to cancer

Scientists from Stanford University have come to believe that suffering from infertility men have a greater propensity for the emergence of their cancer compared with other males. The results of the study showed that men under the age of thirty years with a diagnosis of azoospermia is 8 times greater risk of becoming victims of cancer. According to the author of scientific works of Michael Eisenberg, up to the present time science was known link between male infertility and the development of testicular cancer, but new research has revealed the likelihood of developing other types of cancer.

This conclusion scientists came after conducted an analysis of clinical cases several thousand men diagnosed with cancer. A quarter of them were suffering from azoospermia. Scientists speculate that the reason for the development of this disease is some sort of genetic disorder. 25 percent of human genes involved in the breeding process, and this means that there are many disorders of a genetic nature, in which men can develop azoospermia.

Taking into account the obtained results, Professor Eisenberg advises young people aged up to 30 years to complete tests with the aim of early detection of cancer at an early stage.

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