Infection during pregnancy is one of the causes of brain diseases child

It is known that ache during pregnancy is very dangerous. The increased activity of the immune system negatively affects the health of the child. In particular, according to CanIndia, suffers brain. Particularly oppressed the hippocampus. This structure is responsible for memory and spatial navigation. Boys, faced with infection during pregnancy, more often had the pathology of this part of the brain.

The data were confirmed in tests on mice-males. Scientists say that in males the number of nerve cells less the volume of the brain is reduced in comparison with females, in addition, tissues were detected macrophages, which normally does not have to be there.

It is quite likely that these cells are more frequent cause diagnosis of autism and schizophrenia in males, according to Irina bird, associate Professor of gynecology and neurology (Johns Hopkins University).

The presence of infection in pregnant women can cause fetal abnormalities. The child's body is not adapted to withstand the strong agents, so his reaction is sometimes unpredictable. Chronic inflammation is dangerous as well as sharp, and is one of the causes of malnutrition in the hippocampus.

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