Infection accelerate the process of dementia

Infections have an accelerating effect on the process of dementia. With such information were made by scientists from the University of Southampton. It is assumed that the infection causes inflammation of the brain, that provokes an aggravation of dementia, writes The Telegraph. The data were confirmed in the study on laboratory mice. Scientists investigated the inflammation in animals and its relationship to the death of nerve cells. Similar mechanisms accompany the development of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Early in the cells of the immune system trying to protect nervous tissue from damage. However, the presence of an infectious agent in human body aggravates the situation, and leukocytes additionally damage the brain. In the Alzheimer's disease accelerates its development. This relationship is revealed by urinary tract infections and neurodegenerative diseases.

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Scientists believe that it is necessary to pay special attention to patients with Alzheimer's disease, if there is an inflammatory process. Now doctors are looking for tools to help such patients.

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