Infantile autism - causes and symptoms

Autism is considered a serious violation in mental development, and, with a constant course without remissions, which appears for the first time in children up to two years. This disorder is caused by abnormalities in the formation of the brain. In addition, it is characterized by clearly manifested by deficits in communication, and repetitive actions and limited interest. Despite the established relationship between the symptoms of autism and modifications in the individual parts of the brain, scientists have not fully studied the process of development of these changes in the brain, and therefore is not well understood reasons that cause autistic disorder.

The causes of autism.

Still have not identified the specific cause of autism. There are about thirty of factors that can provoke the development of disorders. The main considered chromosomal aberrations, underdevelopment neural patterns before birth, biochemical factor and the negative influence of environment.

Individual experts believe that autism is a genetic anomaly, transmitted at the level of genes. This is partially confirmed, since autism is usually observed in one family. But scientists have not found responsible for autism genes.

A huge impact on this deviation provides the environment, living conditions and the relationship between the parents are.

Symptoms of child autism.

The first symptoms of autism are detected early in life, to year becomes visible "strange" and "unusual" such children. If parents are careful, they will celebrate autism symptoms in children is the unwillingness of the child to make contact, the uniformity and monotony of his actions, swaying, shuffling or playing for a long time with one subject. Usually this kid avoids eye contact.

In addition there is an irregularity psychomotor development, speech delay, and no sound fine words and very selective attention. The child does not respond to external action, he is indifferent to everything.

Each child signs of autism can vary greatly. For example, one kid can spend hours playing with himself, sitting in the crib and not show any interest to everything around him. Another baby may fall into hysterics, for example, from water dripping from the faucet.

In older children with autism there are serious problems with communication skills. Because ignoring their peers will lead to affection, only a narrow circle of persons And to fight back with aggression such a child will not be able, though he tacitly may approach the person and pick up directly from the hands of the subject that interested him. Shouldn't this be considered as aggression, because for a child to master things is just an inanimate obstacle.

Children with autism have sleep problems, they have found a passion for monotonicity and strict compliance with the established schedule. If the violation habitual actions, very often have outbursts of anger.

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