Indications for vacuum massage and its implementation technology

Vacuum massage is a generic procedure which successfully combines both therapeutic and cosmetic act. The bottom line is the blood flow to the massaged seat, cloth saturated with oxygen, accelerates the metabolism and lymphatic drainage. The fat cells are broken down, fat deposits are removed, the volume is lost, the skin is firmer, smoother.

Vacuum massage is good for the prevention and treatment of colds, helps with muscle pain, it is used to relieve swelling, he accelerates the healing of postoperative wounds and stretch marks and scarring after injuries. Muscle tone increases, increases collagen and elastin as a result of the elasticity of the skin increases.

Yet the effectiveness of its cover General health, as is the effect on the active points. Gynecology, insomnia, headaches, nervous disorders, all the sphere of its application.

Vacuum massage can be done as specialized salons and at home. In salon use special equipment for massage which is performed this procedure. This procedure will allow you to achieve good results in a short time. If you want to do the massage yourself, you will need to buy latex banks in the pharmacy.

But before it is necessary to warm up the muscles, rubbing them until you blush. We need to start from the toes to climb higher, to buttocks. The main thing - from the bottom up! Rubbing alternated with stroking. Techniques do with the entire hand. At the hip like "get". After pollutive the edge of his palm. And proceed to vacuum massage.

1. Lubricate the surface of the skin under the special massage oil, where you can add essential oil, exactly, to the Bank freely slid.

2. Lie on side, legs bend at the knees. To make the jar so that it is sucked in the skin. Next, make a jar on the gluteal muscles in a circular motion.

Drawing course banks are changing the spiral, zigzag, straight up from the knee.

If the Bank slip with difficulty, you need to ease the pressure. You need to put your finger on the skin at the edge of the banks and just press the excess air will be released. To return to the Bank at the start, down one, not pressing. To the Bank not frustrated, have a little exercise.

Perform massage: from the bottom up, from the knee to the waist. Front and back of the thigh massaged 10-15 minutes. This should be done once in two days, the course of 15 days, but not more than 25. But to finish it all of course honey massage would be just fine!

This massage is contra:- large moles and skin pigmentation in the massage area;- inflammation of the skin;- bleeding, blood disorders;- hypertension;- the pacemaker (implanted);- lung abscess, tuberculosis, rheumatic fever in the acute stage;- varicose veins, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis; any infectious disease.

Indications for vacuum massage cupping:- cellulite;- osteochondrosis of all spine;- diseases of the peripheral NS;- muscle pain, muscle tone;- diseases of bronchus, trachea.

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