Indians consider unprotected sex safe

According to the survey, 72 percent of young people in India had sex with a new partner without protection. All of the respondents 40 percent of young people said that they were not able to obtain contraception when needed, 36 percent said that their close friends or family members have suffered an unplanned pregnancy.

Although India ranks first in the world among countries in which the survey was conducted, the number of unprotected sexual contacts, the second country has become China -- there's this percentage tends to 50 percent. Young people from Europe, engaged in unprotected sex with the availability of all means of protection, said that they simply did not suit and seemed uncomfortable.

Surprisingly, 32% of respondents in India believe that unprotected sex will not lead to pregnancy. Respondents believed that sex during menstruation is a safe in terms of pregnancy itself. In Europe and the U.S. the majority of the population were well informed about contraception, but refused it for personal reasons. In developing countries the fault of the lack of protection and as a consequence many unplanned pregnancies blame lack of awareness.

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