Indian sperm in the deficit, and red donors too much

The world's leading sperm Bank notes that are the most difficult to get Indian sperm, as India does not permit exportation of the sperm or egg.

An official from the International sperm Bank stated that this prohibition is a big problem for childless Indian families abroad.

The sperm Bank began to refuse donation red men, their sperm is very low demand. The Director of the Bank OLE Shu commented: "due to the increase in the number of people willing to donate their sperm banks can afford to be more selective. The proposal in this case exceeds the demand for sperm from redheads donors."

Basically the demand for sperm from redheads are observed in Ireland, where it diverges according to the Director of "like hot cakes".

Sperm donors with brown hair and brown eyes demanded in the Bank branches in Spain, Italy, Greece.

International Bank whose head office is based in tribute, supply of donor sperm in 65 countries.

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