Indian doctors determine the level of cholesterol in pictures

Indian medical scientists proposed an innovative method for the determination of cholesterol in a patient - pictures hands, according to the resource EurekAlert. The technique, developed by researchers from the Polytechnic Institute of Sri Shasta, is that the thickness of skin folds on the fingers depends on the level of cholesterol.

For a long time a group of scientists headed by Dr. Rajendran Sankaram collected database of pictures of the back side of the brush people, and also about the level of cholesterol in the blood of these people. With the help of special programs for image analysis and algorithm, now scientists can correlate each new snapshot hands already entered into the database, data about the level of cholesterol owners are already known. The computer matches and gives the likely result.

The level of cholesterol in the blood has much to say about the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, excess cholesterol creates on the walls of the arteries plaques that obstruct blood flow, which leads to increased likelihood of stroke. The sooner the doctor will reveal elevated levels of cholesterol, the easier and more effective will be prevented from harming the body.

A similar approach diagnostics pictures have already been proposed by scientists from the US, but they decided to use pictures of patients in the ultraviolet spectrum, to determine the risk of developing melanoma in them.

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