Indian doctors can't diagnose the boy with a "rubber" neck

In India grows 12-year-old boy named Mahendra Ahirwar with a rare disease. The muscles of the neck he is extremely weak and unable to maintain the skeleton in the correct position. As a result the boy's head constantly falls on the chest, on the shoulders.

Parents perceive the disease as God's punishment. Better to be born dead than to suffer from this disease, they say.

Family went around 50 doctors from India, but no one could diagnose and prescribe effective treatment. Dependence of a boy and his inferiority driven into depression not only him. Parents have no idea how to carry his son when he grows up, writes The Daily Mail.

Some information on the development of the disease is still there. The other kids in the family are no genetic abnormalities were found, the labor was normal. The first signs of the disease in Mahendra began to appear in 6 months. Then doctors and parents felt that the inability to keep his head - a sign of weakness. To three years the child became disabled.

The family has borrowed money from friends to provide medical care to your child. 40-year-old father Mukesh gets for a working day at the construction site approximately 3.2 dollars. This lack not only on medicines and the contents of the disabled person, but also on good nutrition. Parents do not lose hope to help professionals and believe that someday their child will gain a real life.

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