India is excluded from the list of disadvantaged countries

India, along with such countries as Pakistan and Nigeria, more recently, was listed in the list of troubled countries on the incidence of polio. In late February, in new Delhi, held a world summit on polio. Speaking on it, the Indian health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said that India is no longer on the list of countries by polio, who (world health organization) officially ruled out.

As the Minister said, who went on such a decision, not fixing during the year, no case of the disease in India. The summit was also made by the Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh, saying that this could happen thanks to the enthusiasm about 2.5 million volunteers, making vaccinations for children, despite the difficult weather conditions and even in very remote areas of India.

Statistics of India suggests that in 1985 polio ached 150 thousand people in 2009 - 741 case in 2010 - 49 citizens. January 13, 2011 was recorded last case of the disease in the state of West Bengal, the girl two years old.

Who is going to make India free of polio, if over the next two years there will be outbreaks of this disease.

The representatives of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria said at the summit that like India, want to achieve the same results in 2012, through the vaccination of children. According to statistics, in 2011, Pakistan was recorded 198 patients with polio in Afghanistan - 80 people, in Nigeria, 60 cases.

poliomielit is spinal poliomyelitis, which strikes children mainly under the age of five. It is an infectious disease that is incurable.

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