Incurable strain of tuberculosis. India loses control

Indian specialists in the month of may laboratory was confirmed that in the country there is a strain of TB that does not respond to treatment. Now independent experts say that for a long time India had simply ignored the alarming symptoms associated with the spread of the infection, and now its moving pretty hard to stop.

The country is at risk, because it can become a real incubator for TB, which threatens strike the whole world, the newspaper notes Fox News. Dr. Zarir of Udwadia States: "the Strain of TB, indeed, no cure".

This statement was proved attempts to cure the first 4 patients who entered the hospital in December. By early January, the same patients were recruited 15 people. At that time, the government immediately responded, and, accordingly, the "frozen" such publication in the mass media. Dr. Udwadia was accused of triggering panic among the population.

Representatives of the Department of health of Mumbai were personally confiscated samples of tuberculosis and sent for analysis. As a result, in April of this year, not involving this issue special attention, the government testified, the strain is not treated.

If scientists in the near future will not be able to find ways to contain the infection, the TB will become the new plague (he can mow 2/3 infected, as it has already happened in the 40 years of the last century to create a highly effective drug therapy). Now who is supporting India in the development of new treatment methods.

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