Increased number of heart attacks among pregnant

In the USA there has been a growing number of heart attacks among pregnant women with obesity or high blood pressure, these data are published by the Centre for control and prevention of diseases of the United States.

In General, the number of stroke during pregnancy and three months after childbirth tends to 54 percent, the main reason for these high numbers can be considered as high blood pressure and obesity.

The number of heart attacks during pregnancy for the last 12 years has increased by 47 percent, and seizures after birth by 83 percent, while the number of heart problems during delivery did not change.

The risk of stroke during pregnancy in healthy women is extremely low, but in recent years more and more women with increased risk factors decide to have a baby. Chronic hypertension, diabetes, obesity or congenital heart disease can cause heart problems during or after pregnancy, as the pregnancy doubles the risk.

Therefore, women are recommended before planning a pregnancy should consult with your doctor and try as much as possible to reduce other factors cardiac risks (for example, to lose weight).

Unfortunately, the doctors find it difficult to conduct research and to develop experimental methods of treatment of heart problems in pregnant women, because any experiment may cause damage to the fetus.

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