Increased concentration of vitamin B12 may serve as an indicator of cancerous tumors

Cancers are a major part of the pathologies that can be treated. In the development of tumors affected organs and systems, people are rapidly losing mass. These tumors tend to metastasize and spread throughout the body. Severe and rapid course of the disease is pushing scientists and physicians to develop new tools for effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

On the eve of the scientists of the University in Aarhus spent more than 300 thousand patients an analysis of the level of vitamin B12. Cobalamin, scientists thought, may be an indicator of the development of various cancers. The results of the scientific team were published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

It should be noted that patients at the time of the study was not observed in cancerous tumors. The actual survey was conducted 12 years, since 1998. The statistics was completed by 2010, three years it took scientists to the processing of information and the building of the findings. It turned out that elevated levels of vitamin B12 may serve as a risk factor for cancer development. More often than not developed cancer processes in the blood (leukemia), lung and liver. The risk remained for five years, after pathologically high levels of the vitamin.

Interesting is the fact that the reception of the preparations containing B12 had no effect on the growth of neoplastic processes in the patient's body. It is possible that in the special case of inflammatory processes, which so far received too little information. This factor can increase the amount of some compounds in the blood that increases the risk of cancer.

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