Increased cases of untreatable gonorrhea. Who raises the alarm

The world health organization (who) adopted a communiqué on the rational use of antibiotics in cases of treatment of gonorrhea, according to the publication HealthCanal.

According to "Mednovosti", international organization expressed concern, causative agent of this infection has become resistant to antimicrobials.

According to the who, gonorrhea now to be resistant to many types of antibiotics. The sensitivity of the organisms survive only by medical means, cefalo-spalinowa series. However, in some countries, including: Australia, Norway, UK, Sweden, France and Japan, have been identified pathogens resistant to cephalosporins.

In this regard, the who published a guide which encourages not only about the correct prescription of antimicrobials, but also the focus in the development of alternative techniques for the treatment of gonorrhea. In addition, the organization recommended to conduct rigorous monitoring and logging of all episodes of resistance of gonococci to antibiotics.

Data from the world health organization suggests that infections with gonorrhea are about a quarter of all cases of diseases that are sexually transmitted, and which have developed very effective methods of treatment. Gonorrhea each year in the world amount to about 106 million people.

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