Increased blood cholesterol - what to do?

Increased blood cholesterol - what to do? Probably each of us have heard about the dangers of cholesterol. But not everyone knows what methods should be used in the fight with him. Moreover not simply to lower the cholesterol, you need to continue to maintain it at the proper level. For an overall view say that the rate of cholesterol in the blood in men: a High density of 0.7 - 1,73 mmol/l; Low density of 2.25 - 4,82 mmol/l In women: High density is 0.86 - 2.28 mmol/l; Low-density - 1,92 - 4,51 mmol/L. It is this ratio should ideally be a person, to his tissues and organs were functioning normally.

If lipids are still too high, you must follow a certain diet. What foods you must eat to normalize cholesterol? Let's start with those products that are contraindicated when inflated the rate of cholesterol. Get here: milk and meat, high-fat, liver, egg yolk, oil of animal origin.

Products, which on the contrary should be included in your diet: marine fish, eggplant, pumpkin, tomatoes and main fighter - garlic. In addition to overpowered products will help to normalize cholesterol they also help to improve liver function and will clean the vessels. The main thing here is not to overdo it.

If completely excluded from the diet of foods rich in fats, most likely people will begin to suffer depression and a number of other diseases. We should also say that with the approach of old age, the fats in the body are digested much worse than at a young age. For this reason, it is necessary in the elderly is a little more fatty foods.

Of course, do not forget that that there must be a measure. The drawback, as the overabundance of cholesterol does not lead to anything good. This situation can lead to degenerative diseases and early dragline. What foods and supplements help to lower cholesterol?

- Undisputed enemy cholesterol is vitamin E. in Addition, it prevents the appearance of fatty plaques and reduces the risk of heart disease

Green tea is good in the fight against atherosclerosis. It helps to improve lipid metabolism and reduce cholesterol level;

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Vitamins B6 and B12. Scientists have long agreed on the view that low levels of these vitamins has a negative impact on the functioning of the heart.

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