Increased activity of adolescents in the evening cause insomnia

A recent study by researchers from the University of Adelaide was aimed at studying the problems of insomnia among adolescents. As a result of some changes, scientists believe that they may develop obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and sociology, reports The Times of India.

Researchers surveyed more than 300 students from Australia. Adolescents were asked when their activity reaches a maximum, how many and what hours they sleep. As it turned out, insomnia is often associated with depression, panic disorders and increased activity at night. Simply put, most adolescents consider themselves owls and can't sleep early to Wake up in the morning.

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According to statistics, about 11 percent of adolescents have symptoms of insomnia. If insomnia is combined with depression or anxiety, the situation is exacerbated. Negative sleep affects the consumption of cigarettes and drugs, according to Pascale Alvaro, member of the University of Adelaide.

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