Increase ovulation - main features

Not every woman with accuracy may determine the occurrence of ovulation when planning pregnancy. If not will the fertilization of an egg - don't get pregnant, so many women have sexual contact during the week before the onset of ovulation.

Usually ovulation occurs for 12-15 days before the first day of menstruation, or for 14 days at a cycle of 28 days. Alive and active sperm can be only 3-4 days, unfertilized egg dies a day later. Often the cycle is shifted for a few days, and sometimes ovulation takes place twice during the cycle. Determination of ovulation for women is important, as the absence of pregnancy could be the cause of infertility, inflammatory diseases, and not only because of the lack of ovulation.

To know the time of ovulation is necessary for irregularities in the semen of men. Sperm may be to slow-moving sperm, and with a large number of them. Then the sexual act do 1-2 days before ovulation, and before that refrain for the concentration of spermatozoa.

Many couples plan the gender of a child and sexual contact only on the day of ovulation, considering the male Y chromosome is more mobile, and the female X chromosome is more tenacious. The sperm with the Y chromosome all chances to "make it" to the egg faster, so it's a boy. If intercourse occurs within 3-4 days, then survive the sperm with the X chromosome and the girl is born. Every woman needs to know the basic signs of ovulation to plan pregnancy.

A sign of ovulation can be:

• increased sexual desire;

• the emergence of withdrawal pains and tingling in the lower abdomen, highlighting streaked with blood;

• increase in the number of vaginal mucus and changes in its consistency (viscosity, viscosity);

• premenstrual syndrome with engorgement of the mammary glands, increased body mass index;

• changes in basal temperature inside the rectum. Measure it in the rectum in the morning, not moving from the bed.

When maintaining the temperature graph for three cycles at the same time, it is possible to determine precisely the beginning of ovulation. In the presence of infectious diseases with increased body temperature, inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, when the drinking water temperature measurement, medication, hormones, short night of sleep (less than 56 hours), change the room temperature, the reliability of the measurement results will be questionable.

Scientists from the UK have developed and received permission to use device that determines the start time of ovulation in women. It is placed in the vagina at night for temperature measurement. In the morning remove it and keep track of the temperature on the screen of the main unit device

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To measure the temperature in the rectum using a conventional mercury thermometer for 5-10 minutes. By reducing the temperature by 0.4 - 0.6 With the day of ovulation, other days the temperature will be almost the same.

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