Incorrect the flow of conversation with your child on the subject of weight can cause the opposite effect

Experts advise parents to be very careful while talking about weight loss with their children because of incorrect words or incorrectly selected tone can lead to the opposite effect, namely to improper formation of food habits. These include episodes of binge eating (bulimia), eating junk food, yo-yo dieting, overeating. In addition, scientists have discovered a word that has become taboo for parents when talking with your teen: fat, full, overweight, obesity.

According to scientists, the correct way can be a conversation concerning themes of healthy eating, disease prevention, and the selection of the correct products. If all the above conditions are not met, the consequences can be disastrous - adolescents will experience steady craving for food that may lead to a set of extra pounds.

Scientists from the University of Minnesota advise when talking with a child not to utter phrases like "eat more fruits and vegetables, as thou art so fat", and instead say: "eating fruits and vegetables will make your body healthy, and the body is strong". Earlier studies had established that the imposition of a parent will have the children there's a protest, which may lead to deterioration. That's why experts recommend to apply a more effective method of control, while not degrading the self-esteem of a teenager and not insulting him.

An American study found that adolescents, interviewed on the topic of healthy eating, had 50 percent more likely to lose weight than those children who's parents tried to convince us that being fat is very bad.

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