Incense sticks have a negative impact on the health of the pulmonary system

Such a thing as incense sticks - a phenomenon that has long been quite popular in our country, but spread not only a number of compelling aromas, but a high percentage of the probability of adverse effects on lung cells. In addition, as found by American scientists, fragrant sticks negatively affect the nose, eyes, skin, asthma, headache and mutation in the lungs.

As reported by Science Daily, incense sticks create from aloynoe tree, which produces a range of fragrances due to the fungal infection. Resin sandalwood essential oil is almost unambiguous components of any aromatic sticks. As a consequence the beginning of the inflammatory processes in the cells of the lungs.

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During the study, researchers three hours studied the level of pollution in the air, checking for the degree of concentration of gases and sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, and nitrogen, the result of which was confirmed by the negative impact of all these chemicals on the health of the human lung. As a result, after each lit indoors sticks these sticks are beginning to stand out, get into the lungs and begin them in an inflammatory response.

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