In Yakutsk enter the alert to prevent the spread of rabies virus

Veterinarians of the Republic of Yakutia has revealed the virus rabies shot off stray animals. In this regard, was declared a state of high alert to prevent the spread of the virus.

The regime of high alert in the city of Yakutsk is entered on March 26 at 8:00, during this time, government agencies should arrange for the capture and disposal of stray animals that carry a threat.

"The event will be organized by the operational headquarters for the fight against infectious diseases, the brigade to capture, export, as well as euthanasia and disposal of dangerous animals", - said the representative of the mayor of Yakutsk.

The decision to introduce such a provision was adopted after March 22 at the dead near the village Marche red Fox and killed near the village of Cangussu wolf was discovered the rabies virus.

All residents are encouraged to call a special phone - 123 and 44-42-29 if they will notice the stray and homeless animals. Left them information about the location of the dogs will be sent to specialists.

It is also known that the cost of admission, euthanasia and disposal of one dog costs the budget 651 ruble, just to share the city budget has allocated half a million rubles. Residents are urged to pay special attention to the vaccination of their animals and care for them during the regime of high alert.

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